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Channel 7 Los Angeles

KGTV 10 Anchors David Ono & Michelle Tuzee introduced the segment and Holly Herbert reported on Ken's work with Maynard, Mary Linfesti's Double Yellow Headed Amazon.  Mary had saved Maynard's life eighteen years earlier when she noticed a strange sight.  In the middle of the street a parrot was being mauled by a cat.  Mary chased the cat away, took Maynard to a vet and brought him back to health. 

Deep Scars

Eighteen years later, Maynard is left with scars far deeper than his deformed wing.  In all that time, he has never allowed Mary to get close to him.  Instead he lives in a hostile, terrified, aggressive state, biting anyone who comes close.  Mary was at the end of her rope when she contacted Ken for help.  By the end of the session, Ken got Maynard through the "wall of fear" and on the way to becoming a happy, social bird.  And Mary was finally able to handle Maynard for the first time. 

Holly Herbert ABC 7 Reporter



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