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by Connie Folleth



Quad Cities Parrot Society to Host Ken Globus "The Bird Whisperer" - Sept. 18th 2005


From Connie Folleth,
Your Guide to Pet Birds.
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Quad Cities Parrot Society Bird Fair 2005

The Quad Cities Parrot Society Bird Fair will be hosting Ken Globus "The Bird Whisperer" at their 2005 Bird Fair in Milan, Illinois.

For those unfamiliar with Ken Globus, he has been working with difficult parrots for over 25 years and professionally he has been conducting taming workshops and private sessions for the last 4 years. He has even provided taming for Steven Spielberg's difficult parrot.

Though there are those who do not agree with his methods, his results cannot be denied. He uses progressive desensitization and a hands-on approach to tame parrots in minutes. Why does it work? Ken understands the fear that birds instinctively possess.

Birds are afraid of everything - until you prove to them there is nothing to be afraid of.

Seeing is believing and after witnessing Ken in action, this "Birds" Guide has become a lifelong believer in his ability to tame the wildest of parrots. He does not train Polly to ride a wagon or say "Hello" - Ken tames a parrot that has turned "wild" and flees or has become unmanageable. Many birds brought to Ken's workshops have been one step from being sent to parrot rescue or about to be euthanized...He was their last hope - those birds are now alive and happy with their owners. You have to see Ken to believe the miracles he can produce.

Bird Whisperer Free Demo and Workshops

On Sunday, September 18th, Ken will provide be a free demonstration at 1:00, which will run about a hour and a half.

There will be two intensive taming workshops, one on Sunday beginning at 5:30PM after the fair and the other on Monday, September 19th at 4:00PM. Each workshop will last about 4 hours and be limited to 7 birds, but there is still room for those attending without birds. The Monday workshop will be filmed for a documentary, so anyone attending will need to sign a release.

Anyone who has a bird who "flees, bites, threatens or quakes with fear" may want to have the bird attend one of the workshops. Ken can help. All birds will be examined on-site by a veterinarian to make sure the bird is not ill - the workshops are not dangerous, but can be stressful, also a sick bird should not be in contact with other birds.

The cost for attending the workshop with a bird is $100.00, without a bird is $50.00. I can recommend attending even if you do not have a bird. The experience is well worth the cost. It is amazing to see everything you have ever heard about bird behavior dispelled before your eyes. And if you have ever heard that Ken is evil or his methods are cruel, it is worth coming just to see how much he cares and how great he is with the birds.

Where and When

The Quad Cities Parrot Society 2005 Bird Fair will be held Sunday, September 18th. It will be held at:

Milan Community Center
Camden Park & Highway 67
Milan, Illinois