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Abused Macaw


A troubled, neglected bird

comes back from the brink


By Ken Globus



Fred, a formerly neglected Blue & Gold Macaw,  during the Program at the Midwest Bird Seminar



When Ken does a taming demonstration, the local group or club hosting the event provides him with birds that are extremely "difficult," ones that are considered to be un-handle-able.  In this case, one of the birds arranged for him at the Midwest Bird Seminar in 2002 was Fred, an abused, neglected, extremely hand-shy, terrified, self-mutilating, half-plucked Blue and Gold Macaw.  Ken worked with Fred for all of about 20 minutes.    Fred was extremely frightened and aggressive; he had never been held, never done step-ups and wouldn't allow anyone to touch him.  He also squawked, resisted and bit extremely hard as Ken exposed him to his biggest fears.  It was a difficult session.  Some observers even became uncomfortable with Fred's constant squawking. After about twenty minutes, the troubled bird began to make some breakthrough progress. 


Don't Give Up on Your Troubled Bird


At the workshop the following day, Fred's owner, Tanya, was able to get Fred to cuddle  and allow her to touch his head and back, all for the first time.  Those who had seen him in both the previous day's demonstration and at the workshop were amazed and deeply moved by his breakthrough progress.  It illustrates how helping a bird through its fears can open the door to a happy relationship.




Here's a 9/28/2002 email from Tanya

about Fred's progress


 "Dear Ken,  FRED is Doing GREAT! Things have progressed so much - every week is a little more.  We preen, pet, get showers, snuggle, rub feet and so much more.  The best thing is that Fred wants it; he loves the contact.  Now he's just as happy as our other birds."  Tanya O'Connor


Then a follow up a year later 10/3/2003


"Hi Ken, just wanted to let you know how Fred is doing...GREAT!!!!....he has turned out to be a happy, loving, wood chomping, toy playing, wonderful part of my flock.  Fred loves to be preened loves snuggle time just about the time I think we are doing GREAT he goes one step further.. the biggest thing is to follow thru once you get home. 

I handle all my birds EVERYDAY even if to just step up from cage to play stand... and back to cage.  I just wanted to let you know we are doing GREAT...WE HAVE COME SO FAR!!!!!  There was such a loving, funny, trusting bird waiting to be found, life was hard for Fred but he is doing great now, most of all he is a happy Bird    Thanks! Tanya and FRED"






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