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Assume the Position



Where most people call them "Step Ups", I use the term "transfers".  I have found that the term "step up" can be misleading.  (see the article, "Ups & Downs") Transfers are from hand to hand, hand to perch, perch to hand, cage-top, floor, shoulder or any combination of them.  In other words, any time you're moving a bird from one perching place to another it's a transfer.  Here are two of the optimum hand positions for  teaching your bird to transfer, the vertical hand transfer and the flat hand transfer. 


The vertical hand transfer, or step up, winds up in "First Position," the fundamental position from which all taming starts.  Getting the bird to be comfortable in first position is the first goal after I get a bird out of the cage.  Keeping the hand at around a thirty degree angle helps keep the bird from moving toward the shoulder.



Vertical Hand Transfer




The above photo is a great example of the vertical hand transfer.  This is called "First Position" and is the foundation for all training.  Notice the position of her thumb; it's not sticking up where the bird can bite it, nor is it against her hand, where the bird's toes will wrap around it and keep her from holding the bird's feet, if necessary. 





First position - perfectly executed by this workshop participant




A variation on the vertical for a smaller bird, using a single finger, angled up



Another example of the vertical hand transfer position



Flat Hand Transfer


The flat hand transfer can be easier and less threatening for a nervous bird, like this Sulpher Crested, that's just learning to transfer for the first time


This photo shows how to use the flat hand transfer to get a bird on your hand when it has moved up your arm to avoid your hands.




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