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Eye-Popping Bird Taming Program


Ken offers a unique, captivating Program for bird clubs, groups, bird marts and expos in which he demonstrates how he tames "difficult" birds in a very short time.   And it’s not just talk, it's action.    He puts his techniques on the line as he takes frightened & aggressive birds that the group provides - birds that others have been unable to handle  - and works with them live, in front of the audience.   People are typically amazed at how Ken gets birds that have been considered “unhandleable” to move from terrified to trusting.


Demonstration in Manchester, NH

The program gives an overview of Ken's taming approach and techniques as he uses techniques like the "Fist of Iron," "Ear Swipe," and "Bubble of Fear," all invaluable, effective tools to add to your bird-handling skills.


Enthusiastic Audience in Chicago, IL

 As the group watches Ken's techniques at work, he explains what he is doing and why, letting you in on the secrets of his amazingly effective techniques. 


Amazing Turnarounds

People are amazed at how quickly Ken gets birds to come around from terrified to trusting.  And best of all he does it right before the amazed eyes of audiences. 

The program usually runs around an hour and half, including some Q & A.  Not only is Ken's presentation entertaining and informative for the viewer - most people come away with new abilities and a new understanding of how to handle difficult birds. For information, education, entertainment, outreach to bird owners, fund-raising or as a way to draw more people to your event, there is no program that will give you more.  


Following are some pretty compelling quotes from bird club officers and others who have seen Ken's program. 

If your club would like to contact them, send us an email request and we'll gladly send you their contact info.




What People are Saying About the Program



Dave Howell, Former President, Tri State Avian Society, Tallahassee, FL


We recently hosted a program and two workshops featuring Ken Globus.  Every single participant walked away impressed and appreciative.  Ken’s techniques opened eyes, and those eyes often shed tears on seeing an unmanageable bird calmly sitting on the hand they just yesterday bit.


Sharon Wendt - Board Member, TASC (The Avicultural Society of Chicagoland)


I'm not sure there are words to describe it - Amazing? Unbelievable?  Heartwarming? Magnificent?  Impressive beyond words? Nothing really expresses the feeling I got watching you work with birds that for one reason or another were fearful of getting close to their human caretakers. 

The love you showed for both the troubled birds and the anxious caretakers overwhelmed me.  These were people and birds you had never met before that day yet you showed such compassion for their plight and worked to relieve the anxiety of both bird and person. 

 I don't know how many people have had an experience in their life that has touched them in such a profound way that it will never be forgotten but I know I had that experience last weekend.  Yes, I was one of those crying - such tears of joy."


Lin Westgard, President of the Alaska Bird Club


Hi Ken.  When our club membership voted to have you as the guest for our 6th Annual Companion Bird Seminar, I had no idea what that would mean, both to me and to our members.  The response has been overwhelming.  Till now, every other bird seminar in Anchorage had reached a core group of 40-50 people.  When your workshop registration reached over 100 people, I was amazed.  I made every effort to accommodate everyone and still had a waiting list.  

The wonderful, complimentary follow-up e-mails are still arriving letting us know that there are people out there helping other people with what they learned from you.  So, your bird handling and taming techniques are spreading through Alaska!   

You probably hear this a lot, but I wouldn't have believed some of the things I saw had I not seen them with my own eyes. Your presentation was outstanding.  Your results were even more spectacular.  Thank you so much for coming and I look forward to having you back."  Lin Westgard



from an article

by Connie Folleth

bird guide at


Seeing is believing and after witnessing Ken in action, this "Birds" Guide has become a lifelong believer in his ability to tame the wildest of parrots.

"Many birds brought to Ken's workshops have been one step from being sent to parrot rescue or about to be euthanized... He was their last hope - those birds are now alive and happy with their owners. You have to see Ken to believe the miracles he can produce.


Bradley Baldwin - president, Quad Cities Parrot Society

Ken - Thank you so much for coming and helping to make our first bird fair such a tremendous success! I hope we can do this again in the future.   Thanks again.  Bradley Baldwin


Sharon Nochta, President, Gateway Parrot Club, St. Louis, MO


“Ken, I have to admit I was very skeptical about your techniques until I saw you in action this past weekend. The people that brought their birds in to you for help left here very happy with the results you achieved for them. You’re giving a lot of lonely & frightened birds out there the chance they need to be loved.  THANK YOU!”  Sharon Nochta 



Daniel Martin,  President, Las Vegas Avicultural Society


 “Many of the members have expressed to me how impressed they were with your techniques, and that they would like to see you back to do a workshop sometime soon.  Thor, my Citron, is making tons of progress, and seems more content now.  Thank you again for your presentation to LVAS, and please let me know when you are available to do a workshop.” - Daniel Martin 



Manny Beltran, Vice-President, Ventura County Bird Club, Ventura, CA


Hi Ken,  People came to see your program at the Ventura County Bird Club from as far away as San Diego and Santa Maria.  We had the biggest turnout the club has ever had.  I have never seen a response like this.  I got many phone calls (37) as a result of your appearance  - ALL of them POSITIVE.  Even our board of directors thanked me for getting you to appear at our club.     Regards, Manny Beltran


Christine Maples, President, Tri State Avian Society


I just wanted to take a minute to tell you just how much I enjoyed your visit.  It was very educational and so heartwarming to see so many problems handled with such success.  I did not hear one negative remark about your seminar, only positive enthusiasm and some of it from the doubters.  Everyone wants more and I know we will plan to have you back again next year.  Christine Maples


Joan Malia - President, Gold Country Bird Society


I had the fascination of watching Ken work with "problem" birds at our workshop in Placerville this past August.  Ken has a gentle and nurturing way working with the birds and people. 

He truly "talks" to the birds.  He understands how the birds operate and in turn told his audience how birds act and react.  It sure made me understand birds better.  I watched in amazement as Ken worked with different birds and the pleasure that showed in each owner's face, as their bird stepped up on their hand and then let them pet them.  This was after they swore their bird would never let them touch them. 

I urge every bird owner to attend Ken's workshops.  There would be a lot less birds given up, abused and whatever just by knowing how to work and handle them with Ken's teachings.  Joan Malia, Placerville, CA



Tim Obrenski, Executive Director, Parrot Society of Los Angeles


 "Hi Ken, I saw you in action at the South Bay Bird Club meeting last week.  I want to both compliment you and thank you.  After seeing you convert that wild Amazon in 15 minutes, it inspired me and gave me new insight, confidence and understanding of parrots that has carried me to the next level of interacting with them.  I truly believe that there would be much less of a need for parrot sanctuaries if people learned your techniques.  It's an amazing talent.  Thank you for sharing a tiny bit of it with me."   Tim Obrenski.


"I've toured more than 20 different trade show events.  Having  watched your presentation, it was not only the most memorable, but the most sincere from all others I witnessed."  Greg Griswold, Show Manager, Spring Fling Family Fun Festival



Phyllis Cotton, Vice President  & Fair Coordinator Gateway Parrot Club, St Louis


  “"I'm from Missouri - you have to show me"!  And you did just that! Seeing is truly believing. What transpired was simply amazing.”  - Phyllis Cotton 


Dear Ken, We so enjoyed your presentation and the knowledge you shared with us.  It is rare to get a speaker that holds the attention of all the members.  Everyone walked away with a new sense of purpose and determination.  Thank you again.  - Beth James, member, board of directors, Las Vegas Avicultural Society


"...the best show I've seen since I saw Richard Harris doing Camelot.  The man is the most awesome  man I have ever seen anywhere in life not to mention the bravest."  Mary Slusarski, Anchorage, AK



"Ken---  I attended your demonstration at the St. Louis Parrot Club's bird show.  What a worthwhile and entertaining session!   As a first-time parrot owner, I really learned a lot and appreciated your generosity in sharing taming and training tips.  You have such a gift and how nice that you are using it so generously and productively.    Looking forward to your visit at next year's show." Cathy Horneyer, St. Louis, MO


"Hi Ken, We enjoyed meeting you at the Midwest Bird Seminar in Arlington Heights, Illinois.  Your work with the birds was amazing.  We actually came home that night and held a bird we hadn't been able to touch for months!  We look forward to seeing you next year."   Mike & Mary," Joliet, IL  


"Hi Ken, I've attended monthly meetings with WAES for almost two years now and I have to say hands down that your presentation was the most useful and informative I've ever sat through. The two people I attended your presentation with were talking about it for weeks to come, with nothing but positive things to say about your approach and the value of the information shared.  After the meeting I went straight home and began practicing what I'd learned on two unwanted budgies that were given me some time ago.  Within 15 minutes per bird of using your techniques I turned two frantic, petrified birds into calm, contented little guys who would sit on my finger and preen themselves.    Now they both can't wait to come out of the cage - these are totally different birds now.  They're so much happier now that they're no longer living in constant fear.  I wish I'd met you sooner." – Ron Hill




If you'd like to find out how to set up a demonstration/program with Ken:  


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