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Center For Avian Rehabilitation & Education

Hubertus, WI



Lori Drew - Founder and President of the Center for Avian Rehabilitation & Education



Heartfelt thanks to Lori Drew & John Newhouser for all their work and support of this important event.  These were the first workshops held under the auspices of a Bird Rescue and Sanctuary and I was thrilled to be working with them.  I believe that most of the birds that are in sanctuaries because of fear/aggression issues don't need to be there.  So, I was particularly happy to have the chance to prove just that.  These are the birds that can most benefit from my techniques; those that are troubled, neglected, even abused because of behavior issues.  


My next Rescue work will be with The Bailey Foundation in Wilmington, DE Sep. 30, Oct 1, 2006


We were able to make some amazing breakthroughs and help that birds that conventional bird wisdom brands as beyond hope.  Birds that had been unhandleable for years, were happily being held and passed around by many of the workshop participants. 


C.A.R.E. Operations Mgr, John Newhouser, addressing one of the  workshop groups



Ken is teaching Brian, a C.A.R.E. volunteer some socialization exercises, working with this B & G Macaw that was showing aggression to children. 

Here the bird is getting comfortable with this brave, young girl.


Here's a little Meyers Parrot that no one had been able to handle for years.  In the follow up to the workshop Lori reports that she feels this bird will finally be adoptable. 




photos from the workshop

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Jackie Hugo - V. P. Madison Area Cagebird Club - I am a full supporter of your work


Hi Ken, It's Jackie Hugo.  It was truly amazing when you worked with Scooter the Umbrella Cockatoo that Lori and John had worked with at the rescue for 4 + years and to see them in tears when you got that bird over it's fear of hands and coming out of the cage and then later sitting on the laps of others -- you have changed that bird's life as well as that bird being able to be adopted out.  I think when a person can do that they are truly amazing.  I know that your seminar will help the rescue get better results and I especially liked how you taught them to protect them selves better.   

When I signed up for the seminar I heard from other people that it's flooding the birds and that they thought that wasn't the way to do it.  I say to them they don't know what they are talking about and they need to see you in person before judging you.  You make the bird face its  fears head on; can you imagine living in a fearful existence always afraid of everything and how that must be so stressful day in and day out for them?  

For an owner of a bird to bring that bird to you, and tell you that they are afraid of it because of a severe bite or that they bird is so fearful to come out of the cage and then for you to work with it for 15 minutes or less and have that bird sitting on the lap of the owner and the owner petting that bird.  It’s amazing.   You truly changed the lives of the owners and the birds.

Scooter and the Meyers Parrot were the two that amazed me the most last weekend.  When you work with that wild caught, retired, un-handled breeder, and you taught it to step up within 4 minutes and having it lying in the palm of your hand within 5 more -- that deserved a medal!! 

I am a full supporter of your work and anyone who doesn't agree with your methods must not have seen you in action!!  I got home Sunday night and tried your methods with my Blue Crowned conure and I think we are on the way to a great relationship again.  Next bird to work with is my untamed African Grey; I know that with the skills you showed us that I will be able to make great progress with her.  No bird should live in fear of the unknown.  

So now the big question is that we now need to get you booked at one of our seminars?? I know it would be great for the volunteers of CARE to get another refresher from you as well.  

Can you send me the cost information ASAP so that I can get that to the board.  Can't wait to see you again – you’re awesome!!  Jackie Hugo, V.P./Seminar Coordinator, Madison Area Cagedbird Assoc. of Wisconsin (M.A.C.A.W. Clubs)





Thanks so much for a great seminar this past weekend.  My husband and I really learned a lot and have already put some of your techniques to use.  Now that I know how to hold my Nanday correctly, he doesn't run up to my shoulder where he can't always be trusted.  We know we'll have even better relations with all our guys now.  Empowering!  Lots of new, great tips (and I read a lot of bird stuff).  Kudos to you.  Michelle Czosnek


a week later:


Our birds are doing great; we're still using your techniques.  Michelle.








Dear Ken Globus, Thank you for giving and sharing your knowledge with us at your class. I know so many birds will be happier because of you. You bet every one will spread the word. This was the most important class I have ever been to.  Thank you from me and my birds. And the other people I will be talking to in the future. Thank you , Thank you!!!  Your class was amazing! I know every person and bird benefited from your instruction. Thank you for coming to our little group of bird loving people.  Sincerely, Mary Rose Barron





Hi Ken, I had lunch with Lori Drew today and told her this story.  She thought you’d get a kick out of it and encouraged me to send it to you.  My husband Brian and I do wildlife rescue, in addition to volunteering at CARE.  Last Sunday, we got called out to relocate a female mallard and her 11 just-hatched ducklings out of an enclosed courtyard.  Brian used your distraction techniques with the hand (at a longer distance, of course) to herd her into a corner and capture her.  Had he spooked her, she would have flown away, abandoning her babies.  Instead, we were able to move the family to a more appropriate place.  Alice Jubeck






















































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