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Catskill Exotic Bird Club




Even though all the classic, old hotels have fallen into decay, there is a vibrant, growing bird community thriving in the Catskills.  And although it's a tiny club, Vice President Matt Frumess and members did a great job of attracting people from far and wide, enough to fill two workshops.     



Special thanks to Matt Frumess, VP of Catskilll Exotic Bird Club, for making this happen



And thanks also to Richie Chiger, Club president and all the club members who helped



photos from the workshops


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Richie Chiger, President, Catskill Exotic Bird Club

"Dear Ken - Animals mean a great deal to me as do the people who help them live a happier and fuller life.  I have been in touch with several of the people who were at the workshop and you have made a real difference for them as far as the relationship they have with their birds.  I am happy that you came here and touched our lives."  Richie Chiger







"Thanks for a great seminar this past weekend at the Catskill Exotic Bird Club in Monticello, NY. I truly enjoyed the workshop and hope you come to our area again someday for another one."  Sincerely, Lee




"One of the best things to come out of the workshop is that Nicole is no longer afraid or intimidated by Ozzy and holds him and plays with him all the time."  Fern Faber







"I would like to thank you for your presentation and advice.  You were able to relate to all of us on our own personal levels which most people I've met in the world cannot do.  That also explains your connection to the birds as well.  You read them as most of us  owners cannot do.  You were above and beyond what I expected. 

"I have not met many people in the world who take the time to "see" the people they are dealing with as they are.  Most presenters show things in their own personal way and that's the way it is, take it or leave it - you showed each person your way, but you presented it so they could understand it.  That to me was the real help for the birds.  Thank you again for everything; I'm absolutely a true believer."  Demanie Wargo




"Hi Ken, Thanks for (another) wonderful workshop.  It has been just over a year since the last workshop I attended with you and the change in my relationship with my Orange Winged Amazon Parrot has been dramatic.  This “refresher” class was worth both the time and the money.  It confirmed my theory that I do in-fact have a “difficult’ bird and that the work I have been doing with the animal has been very progressive. 

The class also allowed me to correct some nasty habits I might be developing and fine tune the techniques you teach.  I was not under any misconceptions about having you “fix” my bird; the class was really for me.  Watching you work with my bird allowed me to understand the techniques and methods I’ll need to follow up with.  Since attending my second seminar with you, the changes have been dramatic and I encourage others to try a follow up seminar, like I did, about a year after the first. 

I would be interested in attending other workshops, and I’ll be checking your website for information on those.

Thanks again and best regards," Matt Susskind