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Bird Behaviorist's Dirty Tricks


In spite of the fact that I demonstrate my techniques out in the open, (which, as far as I know, no one else is doing)  in front of people all over the country, and in spite of the overwhelming success and positive feedback my work receives, there are those considered "experts" in the bird world still trying to sabotage my reputation by spreading rumors, misinformation and, yes, even lies.       

So, when TASC (The Avicultural Society of Chicagoland) announced that I would be taking part in their Midwest Bird Expo, the organizers were bombarded with bitter attacks and threats, including some pretty underhanded practices committed by a nationally recognized bird behaviorist, who had her husband email (anonymously) to complain about my appearance, recommending that they feature his wife, instead.   Guess they didn't realize that the email was traceable, so we knew who it was.   

Sharon Wendt, who organized the workshops and had never seen me work before, defended my appearance based on anecdotal information from several of her club members that had seen me work in the past.  This would be my third bird event in the Chicago area.  Sharon decided that she would withhold her personal judgment until after she had attended my workshops then report her impressions as honestly as possible.   They’re detailed in an email which follows:   



May 30, 2005 - Hello Ken, I mentioned that I would be sending you an e-mail describing what I thought about your bird taming workshops at our TASC Midwest Bird Expo on May 21 & 22, 2005.  You are free to post it on your web site. 


I'm not sure there are words to describe it - Amazing? Unbelievable?  Heartwarming? Magnificent?  Impressive beyond words? Nothing really expresses the feeling I got watching you work with birds that for one reason or another were fearful of getting close to their human caretakers. 

The love you showed for both the troubled birds and the anxious caretakers overwhelmed me.  These were people and birds you had never met before that day yet you showed such compassion for their plight and worked to relieve the anxiety of both bird and person. 

 More than a week has passed and I have to admit that I still have an unusual, but extremely good feeling.  I don't know how many people have had an experience in their life that has touched them in such a profound way that it will never be forgotten but I know I had that experience last weekend.  Yes, I was one of those crying - such tears of joy.  You experienced some nasty bites but you continued to work like nothing had happened with only the goal of maintaining complete safety for the bird and relieving the bird's fear and anxiety.  You obviously knew what you were doing as the end result was so heartwarming - seeing the birds being held and responding to their owners with such love and joy - I'm still talking about it to anyone that will listen.  (At a small bird event today, 7 people said they want to know when you will be back in the area as they want to attend your workshop)

As the person who did all the organizing and worked with you for the TASC Expo, I became very aware of the controversy surrounding you.  I received  very descriptive e-mails including threats of disruption by protestors, e-mails calling you everything under the sun, comments that you use welder’s gloves and personal attacks on your character.  Someone even used a fake name condemning you and praising another behaviorist (I traced it, and it turns out the email was sent by the behaviorist’s husband – talk about dirty tricks!)

Since I had never met you or observed a program or workshop, I decided I would wait to see for myself - always knowing that if I saw ANYTHING that didn't sit well with me, I could stop the program or workshop and refund any fees paid by the participants.  To those who know me, there is no question that I would never allow any bird (or person) to be harmed in any way.  Instead, I watched you in amazement 

I understand the seriousness of losing control of a companion bird and the end result of it being bounced from home to home.  Many of my birds are rescues due to behavior problems.  They are now my very much loved companions.   I understand the trauma they feel being shuffled around like used furniture. 

To those of you who read this, the lies being told about Ken are unbelievable to the point of being ridiculous.  Welder’s gloves?  The gloves he "initially" uses (he only wears them with the worst biting birds, then takes them off after a few minutes) are a pair of soft, thin, unlined deerskin gloves - not much thicker than dress gloves!  (they stop some of the puncture and laceration - definitely not the pressure!)  Most of the attacks also stated he requires a vet at each workshop - I guess he "forgot" to tell me that?  We did require that all birds be in good health and we had at least one bird who was in our workshop at an avian vet's suggestion - amazing how facts can get turned around, isn't it?  Breaking the birds’ spirit?  The only thing broken is the circle of fear the bird has been trapped in.  If you watched the birds closely you could see their eyes change and it was almost like the bird looked around and said "Wow, this is ok!  That scratch on the back of my head sure felt good!”  “Think I can sucker that guy to give me another one?”  Ok, so I'm putting words in the birds’ beaks but that is exactly how I read the eyes and expressions of the birds at the workshop.  Instead of breaking their spirits, you’re releasing them from their prisons of fear. 

I would urge everyone, please, if you have a troubled bird – an aggressive biter, one that likes only one person, or one that’s terrified - sign up for a Ken Globus workshop when he is in your area.  If he isn't scheduled, get a group together and sponsor him - you won't be disappointed!   In fact, you’ll be amazed.  Put aside everything you have heard, negative comments and even my positive comments, just go with a totally open mind and see for yourself.  You will probably be the next person writing a letter to Ken telling what a wonderful experience you had.  If you are reading this, you must either have a bird or be a bird lover.  Even if you have the sweetest bird in the world, you never know when you could run into problems or have the opportunity to help someone else with a troubled companion.  And with his techniques you can do just that. 

We’re so pleased with the results that we’ll be bringing Ken back to the Chicagoland area.  If you would like to be contacted, or if you have any questions, I am giving Ken permission to post my email address on his site.   Please put Ken Globus in the subject line so I don't delete it by accident.

 Sharon Wendt,  a Ken Globus Supporter for life after watching a first hand experience! 

 [email protected]





































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