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Gold Country Bird Society



August 19, 20, 2005

El Dorado, CA

Thanks to Donna Hauser, Joan Malia and the members of the Gold Country Bird Society


 Ken with club President, Joan Malia


Donna Hauser (r) & sister Diane


Joan Malia - President, Gold Country Bird Society, Placerville, CA


I had the fascination of watching Ken work with "problem" birds at our workshop in Placerville this past August.  This energetic, enthusiastic man could calm down any parrot we had at our workshop.  Ken has a gentle and nurturing way working with the birds and people.  Even though he was gentle, he sent a firm message to the birds that he meant business and the birds listened!  This message got to the birds in 15 minutes and less in most cases.  What does that tell you?  He truly "talks" to the birds.  He understands how the birds operate and in turn told his audience how birds act and react.  It sure made me understand birds better.


I watched in amazement as Ken worked with different birds and the pleasure that showed in each owner's face, as their bird stepped up on their hand and then let them pet them.  This was after they swore their bird would never let then touch them. 


Ken gave us the tools and knowledge of how to deal with, handle and manage our pets.  With his way of showing us, he made it look so easy and simple.  And after a couple of tries, it was!  I got my confidence back and was able to work with my own Blue and Gold macaw, Max.   I have a better relationship now with him. 


I urge every bird owner to attend Ken's workshops.  There would be a lot less birds given up, abused and whatever just by knowing how to work and handle them with Ken's teachings.  Joan Malia




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