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A World of Gratitude


By Ken Globus




Dear Friends,


Lots has happened in the few years since I went public with my more than 25 years of bird taming experience.  The reception has far exceeded my  expectations and has been nothing short of phenomenal.  (as has the controversy)

The reason it took me so long to come out with my techniques is that I didn't realize that what I was doing was anything special.  I assumed that anyone who had worked extensively with birds would've figured out the things that became obvious to me.  Like, how birds are wired.  How they are driven by their instinctive fears.  How they seek the place with the least amount of stress or pressure.  How to use that instinct with a "Pressure On, Pressure Off" approach, getting to move toward peace. 

This concept led me to many important realizations, like how to use those same instincts to modify their behavior and build trust. And how birds respond to certain touches and movements.  AndI learned by following their lead every step of the way.  

So, it wasn't until I got some pretty compelling feedback and support from a few key people that I started to realize that what I was doing might be of value to birds and people.  To those individuals, I owe a huge thanks.   It change the course of my life. 

That I've been able to help so many frustrated bird owners get close to birds they were ready to give up on is both rewarding and humbling.

So, how do you express your gratitude for all this? It's not easy.  I can say that I'm grateful for the support I've received.  For the places I've been able to travel.  For the people I've met.  For their trust.  For their smiles and their tears.  And their fears.  And for sharing their love of their birds with me.  But most of all I'm grateful to the birds.  They're the ones that taught me what I do.  And they continue to teach me every day.  There is nothing more rewarding than helping a troubled bird find a way to a more peaceful, happy life. 

I never imagined I'd be doing anything like this.  And that it could be so interesting and rewarding on so many levels.  I am extremely lucky and take none of it for granted.  Thank you.


Ken Globus

July, 2004







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