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Inside Edition





Inside Edition Host, Stacey Sweet



Segment host, Stacey Gualandi, and crew followed Ken as he worked with several birds, among them, Popcorn, an Umbrella Cockatoo, and Jughead, a Double Yellow-headed Amazon.  Ken & the crew shot on location at Karen Allen's bird shop, Birds 'n More and in the home of bird "rescuer" Stephanie Reitzenstein.



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Inside Edition







below are some video "captures" from the program 

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Early in the session with Jughead, a bird that bit owner, Stephanie Reitzenstein, on the lip, is showing plenty of aggression

Ken is holding Jughead's beak after a serious bite attempt, correcting the biting behavior by rendering it ineffective.

Getting Jughead used to hands

After a few minutes, Jughead is beginning to relax on Ken's hand

Here Stephanie is able to hold Jughead, now calm and gentle

Popcorn, an umbrella Cockatoo, at first is terrified of hands

A few minutes later Popcorn is showing signs of calming

A threat

A nip from Popcorn, fortunately not a very committed biter

As host Stacey Sweet described it, "Now Popcorn is like buttah."

Popcorn is now comfortable with everyone

Sharing a laugh with Stacey Gaulandi

Stacey empathizing with Ken's occupational hazard, sore hands

Stephanie and her Eclectus, Ruby

With Karen Allen, owner of Birds 'n More

Karen Allen's store in Torrance, CA

Videographer prepping for a shot