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Beak 'n Wings Bird Club

Kansas City, MO



Thanks to Dean Tyson, Kathleen Siska  and all those at the Beak 'n Wings Bird Club in Kansas City for inviting me back for a second visit and making this a successful event. 



The Beak n Wings Gang


Ashley Soren & Cleo


 "Hi Ken.  I wanted to thank you for helping with my SI Eclectus Miss Scarlett. I brought her to your workshop in KC in March.  And the change in her is amazing. She went from being shy and nippy, to actually asking to interact with people. It just took a few days of using your techniques. She now lets everyone in the house hold her, she enjoys playing on her stand. And best of all she just seems happier. Now she even enjoys being petted."  Julie Scharff, Kansas City, MO


Hi Ken, Dan and I attended your seminar in Kansas City today, March 19, 2006.  As you know, we were very glad to be there.  I came home andů was able to pet (Zaire) - using your techniques - first time ever.  All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you.  I hope that you'll be back in Kansas City or a city close by for an advanced class someday soon.  What a caring and honest person.  Julie McCorkindale


Hi Ken:  A quick note to tell you again how much I appreciated the wealth of information and insight you shared at your workshop this weekend in Kansas City.  Linda Roberts




photos from the program & workshops


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Photos 2005




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