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KTLA 5 Morning News Los Angeles





What had been planned to be a couple of short segments on the morning news program wound up expanding to major air time as KTLA news anchors Giselle Fernandez, Carlos Amezcua, Mark Kriski and  Sam Rubin kibitzed with reporter Gayle Anderson and Ken as he worked to calm "Red" a young, but quite aggressive scarlet macaw. 

In addition to some questioning about birds by Giselle (an animal lover), and Carlos, Mark Kriski's colleagues teased him mercilessly about his bird phobia by running footage of him recoiling in terror from a flock of pigeons.  Ken offered to help Mark overcome his phobia, but, so far Mark hasn't taken him up on it.


The segments were shot at Karen Allen's "Birds & More" Bird Shop in Torrance.  KTLA Reporter, Gail Anderson & Karen Allen of Birds 'n More with Red, the formerly killer Macaw


The video combines several live segments over an entire hour.  The twelve minute run time was edited down to about nine.  Ken discovered that handling a feisty Scarlet Macaw while conducting a remote interview can be a pretty daunting task.  In spite of the challenge, during the course of the live broadcast you can see the Scarlet Macaw, dubbed "Red" by Gail,  improve in each segment as he goes from fussy and nippy to fluffy and nice.  In less than an hour, Red was absolutely craving affection.





Photos were captured from the broadcast video

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Gail Anderson introduces Ken to KTLA's skeptical anchors

"Red," resisting coming out of the cage, nips at Ken

Red is having trouble perching -flapping wildly

Still unsteady

Gives Ken a little nip

Getting Red to do his first step up

Ahhhh..... progress

Red dips his head, indicating he is enjoying the contact

Some good, old fashioned nuzzling

Red in the throes of ecstacy now loves the attention

Gail hugging Red as an amazed Mark Kriski looks on

News staff teasing phobic Mark with clip from Hitchcock's, "The Birds"

Birds n More owner, Karen Allen, with Gail & Ken