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PA Dutch Country Exotic Bird Festival


 Kutztown, PA



Event Organizer Lisa Minnich



Thanks to Lisa Minnich, Jim and Candy Foxwell and everyone who helped make this happen




Miki Sparzak's Baby Yellow Nape Amazons



Here are some photos of people who attended




Katie & Iggy




Becky & Friend




Rick & Severe Macaw




Tina & Cherry





Bob & Dakota





Comments from People Who Were There




The mart in Kutztown was such a success; we are still feeling the effects of it!!  Not only did we get slammed with customers after your talks last Saturday, but we have had another incredible week on our website.  We have had only positive feedback from folks that attended the mart.  Lisa has been positively on a cloud ever since.  Now we can look forward to the next one!!  We will probably see you at another mart in our area.  I had heard that (another) Bird Club was interested in having you at their mart.  That is good.  Jim was very impressed - that takes a lot.  Thank you for your participation in last week’s mart - the crowd loved it and we all reaped the benefits. We will certainly recommend you to anyone who is having an event.  Candy & Jim Foxwell, Birdsnest Specialty, Belle Haven VA







My sister and husband attended (the Kutztown) show today and could not stop talking about the amazing feats you accomplished with several birds.  Teresa Rothove




I attended the bird fair in Kutztown this past Saturday and was very impressed with the information you shared. Thank you! We are looking forward to hearing you speak again when next you are in our area.  Sincerely, Marj Epp







I saw your demonstration in Kutztown this past weekend and was impressed with what you were able to do with the birds in only minutes.  Micki Haskins




From Bird Behavior Forum Post by AButterfly - Hi everyone. I was asked to post what I saw when I went to the bird show and saw Ken Globus. I went and let me tell you, I was astonished! It was SOOOO good that I was just so excited! There were about 4 birds that were in cages that were "problem" birds. Well, in about 5 minutes with this guy, they were totally different birds! NO JOKE. As a matter of fact, most of them came right on to his hand and the owners were just stunned. 

He said that birds are NOT afraid of gloves and he proved that. He "tamed" the bird with a gloved hand, then he said he would remove the glove to see how the bird acted. The bird nipped his hand right away. He said that birds are afraid of what they don't know, not a glove. He said that birds just want the easy way out, the way that feels the best. The techniques are so simple and they just make plain sense. 

There was a family that brought their bird there, and it was a biter. It bit everyone in the family. Ken took it out and worked with it for about 2 minutes, and the change was just unbelievable! In about 5 minutes that bird was being passed around to people sitting in the audience and it would lay back and spread its feathers to be petted by these total strangers!! The family could NOT even believe it. 

If you have the chance to go see him somewhere, I would STRONGLY advise it. I can honestly say that if you have a problem bird, he is the guy. NO JOKE. He said he will be back in my area soon and we could see him again. If they had a workshop there to bring your own bird and learn with Ken, I would have gone. If he has a workshop anywhere near me, I will go. I don't care what it costs. If you have a bird that bites or acts badly, please consider this guy. 

I can honestly say that this guy was awesome. He just tells you things you would never know had you not seen him. Simple things. I went home and used the one of the techniques on Tia, and she responded right away. He just showed so many things, it was really cool. I would really tell anyone to go and see... You will not regret it. Had I not been there, I am not sure I would have believed it. So that is my two cents on that. I am so glad that I drove there to see him. I will be waiting until he returns to my area for sure.  If you have a little birdie that is just a little tyrant, he is the answer. I believe that he can help just about any bird. It was a really fun experience. AButterfly







Thanks very much for the wonderful work you did on Benjamine (my orange wing Amazon) at the program in Kutztown, PA on Saturday.  She is already less fearful of new objects and people, and I plan to do follow up work with her on step-ups and socialization.  Thanks again for a great experience!  You may see me in Hartford! Christine L. Webb, Upper Merion West PA




Even though my bird was difficult, the red belly, you were able to handle her.  You showed me things I can do and also that there is hope for her and me - I am greatly appreciative of that.  You are truly amazing. Debbie Lentz







My sister and husband attended the Kutztown show today and could not stop talking about the amazing feats you accomplished with several birds.  Teresa Rothove




I really enjoyed your talk and learned a few pointers to help me. Flo Clupp, Delco Bird Club







I saw you in Kutztown on Saturday.  I learned soooo much.  Thanks for sharing.  Margie Lyon




I saw you first at the bird show in Timonium, Maryland and attended your workshop there. I was impressed. Two months later, I couldn't believe it when I saw you were actually coming to our little "Kutztown, PA" and of course, being only ten minutes away, I was there!

Your presentation in Kutztown this past Saturday gave me new strength. I go in my bird room with "Wonder Woman" attitude and I think they see the difference. I find it interesting that with this invincible attitude, the bites don't seem to hurt as much. The mind is a powerful thing!  Thanks for sharing your techniques.  Sincerely, Carol Schneck







This past weekend was the 2nd time that I have seen one of your demonstrations and I am impressed by how much you accomplish in such a short time. Thank you.  Micki Haskins, Coopersburg, PA




I was at the Kutztown show today and loved your demonstration.  I learned a lot today and hope to learn more from your emails.  Diane Horvath, Macungie, PA