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Pressure On/Pressure Off


by Ken Globus 


After getting this Eclectus out of its cage, as in this photo, Ken gets it to the proper perching place on his hand for the first time.  To take "pressure" off the bird Ken tucks his left hand behind his back, raises the bird above his head and averts his eyes.  This takes pressure off the bird and reinforces that Kenís hand is a safe place to be and allows the bird to relax. 

As you can see in this photo, the Eclectus, within moments of being handled, is already starting to be comfortable and is preening himself. 


The Big Secret

In my approach, the Pressure on - Pressure off concept is one of the most important  elements of the taming process.  You need to use birds' innate drive to always seek safety, or their comfort zone and away from danger, stress and "pressure."  I quickly bounce back and forth between  applying pressure and  removing pressure as a series of positive &  negative reinforcements.  This helps a bird rapidly learn how to remove pressure by being in the right place.  By doing this, you can expose the bird to the behaviors it is avoiding a help it get used to them.  Soon they become comfortable with them.   





















































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