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World of Pets Expo



Timonium, MD 2005 & 2006






Baltimore Bird Fanciers (BBF)



Thanks to Jeanne Emge, Organizer of the World of Pets Expo - Also, to Dorothy Haynes, Miki Sparzak and the Baltimore Bird Fanciers


Photos from the 2006 Expo & Workshops

(2005 photos below)



Workshop Participant, Kristen Garcia, & Friend




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Photos from the 2005 Expo & Workshops




Joan and her hybrid Hyacinth/Buffon's Macaw getting together for the first time at the 2005 Expo





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comments from people who were there



We saw you today in Timonium, MD... I talked to you about our Quaker that would not come out of her cage.  After a few little nips and about 20 min of work I can have her step up on to my hand and go out of her cage.  You are a wonderful man and I was amazed to see your work.  The next time you are in the area we will register for your class.  My husband Randy was the one at the end holding the Macaw.  I would love to join you email list.  Keep working on that book and video.  Thanks again, Tammy Odenbaugh  








I attended your Maryland session on Sun. Am.  I am the one who never held a bird before.  I shall always remember the look in birdie's eye and I held him at my fingertips.  Thank you so much for that experience.  Dsacat




I enjoyed your demonstration at the World of Pets Expo in Timonium.  I learned so much and can't wait to begin to apply your techniques with my Senegal who began biting in earnest over the past year.  He really has gotten the upper beak :) in my house - until now! Thank you.  Linda Kelly








Hi Ken - I was the little lady in the green shirt (that matched the parrot) at your demo today. Just wanted to let you know I learned a great deal. I came home and tried one of your methods on my little cockatiel, Skippy - it worked!  Got my little guy who I can't get out of the cage to come out of the cage on my hand. Thank you!! Toni Litsinger




Hi Ken, (We)...were at your workshop at Timonium this past weekend (we were with the Bailey Foundation) I mentioned to you about our Yellow Naped Amazon that we adopted from the foundation.  She was used to only one owner and would not come out of her cage on her own.  Nor could we get near her head to pet her. 

Well, Sunday Mickey used your scissor technique to get Oakley out of her cage.  He took her out and put her back in twice.  On the third try, she stepped right up on his arm. Then he worked with her using his hands to test her bubble and to distract her while he pet her and within a few minutes, he was rubbing her neck and head.  He put her on my lap and she just sat there and let me rub under her beak and on her head and neck.

It was so amazing because no one could get near her.  I was almost in tears, I'd wanted to do that since we got her.  Now we will continue to work with her every day.  I just had to share this with you.  Thank you so much for your advice and for your methods.  People can say what they want about your techniques, but I can say for sure that they work.  Keep up the good work and I guarantee you we'll be at your workshop next year too. Thanks millions Lisa and Mickey Schreiber







I met you at the World of Pets Expo on Jan 28th. I was truly impressed by what you could do.   Bernie




My husband and I saw you at the Pet Expo in Timonium, MD and were really impressed.  We recently adopted a Ringneck Parakeet and she was not wanting to come out of her cage unless she walked out.  Now my husband and I can get her out easily, pet her feathers, and hold her.  Thank you so much for all your insight and instruction.    Jessica Himes







 "I attended your seminar in Timonium, MD and was fascinated by your training and taming techniques.  I am working with a 5 year old Hahn's Macaw that has literally been left in his cage for over 10 months because his owner was terrified of him after a vicious bite.  I adopted him and have been working with him ever since.  However, it wasn't until after I attended your seminar and applied some of your taming/training techniques that I was able to establish communication with him that he is responding to. 

Now, I can get him to step up on my hand from the cage without bites or chasing.  It is so wonderful.  He has been afraid of hands and would only accept affection from my cheek, chin or nose and would come out of his cage on his terms only.  I can now approach and pet him safely and he accepts my hand now like it was never a problem.  I am recommending you to everyone I know that has a bird with issues."  Sincerely, Ginger Tinney, Bechtelsville, PA




"I saw you on Saturday at the Pet Expo in Maryland - it was wonderful!  Thank you!"  Michelle Krygier







"It was a great pleasure seeing you on Saturday.  I found the content extremely interesting and pretty much more common sense than any other behavior type information I have been in contact with.  I especially enjoyed your humor!  Don't change anything about that.  It was great.  I immediately went home and started using some of your techniques on my Jenday and white eyed conure.  To my surprise, within minutes both of them calmed down and I was able to put my hands all over them, give them kisses, scratch their head and cheeks, etc.  And that was basically just using "first position" and a few other gestures like using my palm on their beak, thumb lightly on their toe, etc.  They had calmed down so much I was even able to cut their toes with no problem.  These were two birds that were not aggressive but extremely hand shy and fearful.  They only wanted to be on my shoulder before.  Now I can walk around the house with them on my hand and they are happy.  Even to the point of preening themselves.  My Jenday almost fell asleep on me as well.  My white eyed even let my cockatiel preen her for the first time.  I almost cried.  I am her 3rd home and I think your techniques will enable her to feel like she is finally home!!!  I thank you so much for your work.  I will definitely keep it up and pass your techniques on to anyone who will listen.  You are just awesome!!!!" Thank you, Joy Puglisi, Middletown, DE




 "Hi Ken, I attended your workshop at the pet expo in Timonium, MD  I learned a lot and was very happy with your work shop.  Thank you."   Dana Watson, Newcastle, DE  







"My husband Rocky and I both enjoyed your workshop in Timonium.  Since the workshop (6 days ago), Rocky is already handling our Green Wing with  confidence and of course, all of us are much happier.   Your workshop allowed him to see "hands-on" in handling birds and he applied them right away with immediate results.  I'm happier because it was never our intention in any of our birds becoming a "one-person bird" and it was starting to look like that.  I'm also thankful to have a husband that knew something needed to be done and agreed to come.  My heart sank when I heard other spouses would not attend.  They have no idea the magnitude of what they were missing out on and what benefit it would have been to them!  This email would also be too long if I went on how about much I benefited from your workshop.   Another world has totally opened up to me and I have a greater love for my birds than ever before.  I look forward to future workshops which I'll invite my veterinarian and other bird friends to." Avis Styles, Washington D.C.




"My Hahn's Macaw is really a different bird than when he came to me.  He was totally afraid of hands, he would bite and hiss at me.  After applying just some of the basics I learned at your workshop, he steps right up and does not flinch or try to bite when I pet him.  He actually asks to "step up" to come out frequently and loves to earn shoulder time and gives me kisses.  My goal was to socialize him and with you training I was able to do that in a fraction of the time I thought it would take.  Again, thank you and I will be watching for you to come to the PA area. Sincerely," Ginger Tinney  Bechtelsville, PA







"Thanks so much for the great class in MD. I learned a lot and am using your techniques on a not too difficult bird." Ken Baker