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Midwest Bird Seminar



Chicago, IL





These seminars were in support of Dr. Irene Pepperberg and the Alex Foundation









After a brief handling period, Ken enabled Stephanie Lowery to hold her male Eclectus for the first time.  More than a year later, they are still doing great.   







Read about an abused bird's dramatic turnaroundFred








The seminar crowd demonstrating some enthusiasm




thanks to Joe Abell for some of the following photos




photos from the workshops


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Feedback From Folks Who Were There


"Hi Ken - Every year I get a couple of emails about the seminar, but I have never gotten the amount of positive responses like this year. Great job. You should feel really good about all the terrific things people are saying about the workshop. Do we have to wait a whole year to do another?  Therese Baker (event organizer)


"Just wanted to say 'thank you' for having the Ken Globus workshop.  I was there Sunday afternoon with my biting yellow nape named Laurel.  I really feel like I made a HUGE breakthrough in my relationship with him.  Not only did Ken give me the tools and insight on how to deal with him now, I feel that I can continue to make progress with him at home (And have.  Today is better already!!)   I have to say, Laurel would be up for sale right now if that seminar had not come along.  I was really at my wits end with him and fearful of being on the receiving end of any more serious bites.  Ken helps keep birds in their happy homes by teaching their owners how to deal with their bad behavior and correct it.  It was obvious he truly cared about the birds and their owners.  Thank You, Thank you."  Jamie Keller and Laurel

“Hi Ken.  I brought my rose breasted cockatoo to the Sunday morning work shop...She has improved so much its pretty unbelievable.  I have used your techniques on 3 other birds of mine and my whole family is in amazement.  My B&G and African Greys wouldn't go to anyone but me, but once I applied your techniques they were stepping up and being social with everyone.  Thank you so much and I hope you will be there next year.  If only you could teach every bird owner the things you taught us...there would be so many more birds that could have the opportunity to live in 1 home forever.  P.S. I have applied these techniques to birds I birdy-sit with the owners permission, and the day after they take their bird home they call me and ask me what I did to there birds...They have never seen them so happy!  Thank you, Anastasia Ortolano”


"Hi Ken!  I just had to let you know how amazed I was at everything you showed  us at your workshop on Sunday.  I am still so excited about it, that I am telling everyone it was like watching a magic show and learning how to do the tricks!  You said you would "empower" me and I believe you have.  I can't thank you enough for all that you have done.  If imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery, then you should feel flattered, because I would love to learn your techniques so that I could help others the way you have helped me.  If you start any kind of apprentice program, publish a book or videos, please let me know."  Suzette Dauberger


"Ken I attended your lecture on Sat. March 2nd.  I told you about the Amazon that loved the other members of the family, but would do anything to get away from me.  I tried your techniques with Mickey and this was the result.  Thanks, Kim."




"Hi Ken:   Mark and I just got back from your workshop in Chicago.  You have no idea how much information and confidence we gained from your session.  You gave us tools that we can start using now to prevent possible future problems.  I have to say that if all new bird owner like us would attend one of your sessions there would be far less Rescue Birds out there.  We truly enjoyed your down to earth, honest style of helping birds and people.  Thank You," Merry & Mark Ondersma


"I shall never forget what an opportunity it was to get Ken to work with Missy.  What a blessing!   I had tears in my eyes the whole time.

"Now Missy automatically steps up when I open the cage and actually anticipates coming out. She isn't trying to bite anymore.  It is amazing how a person in just 15 minutes can take a bird so far in it's training.  I wish I had a tape-recording of the things you said and did.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart."  Lynn


"Just wanted to drop a line to say thanks for the great event. It was full of good wisdom from ALL the speakers, (especially) my favorites Dr. Pepperberg and Ken Globus. It was a very special time for me to witness Ken bringing the birds and their owners together, and how he was able to bring peace into their relationships. I know he works with hard cases and so his methods seem different to what are the going methods of some other popular behaviorists, but there is definitely a need in our avian circle for this man and the fine work he does. I hope others will have an open mind to use Ken if they need the help. It's a shame that some people would have a bad relationship go on and on instead of trusting someone who can truly help.  Thanks again; Walter Bytnar"


" I just wanted you to know that I have been able to use many of your techniques at the veterinary clinic that I work at.   Many owners have been amazed that I am able to handle their "unhandle-able" bird.  I just wanted you to know how wonderfully effective your techniques are.  Thanks! - Shellie Higgins"


Hi Ken, We enjoyed meeting you at the Midwest Bird Seminar in Arlington Heights, Illinois.  Your work with the birds was amazing.  We actually came home that night and held a bird that we hadn't been able to touch for months!  We look forward to seeing you next year."   Mike & Mary," Joliet, IL  


“Dear Ken, you worked wonders with the birds.  The blind and deaf Amazon was really unique.  I’m happy to say I learned a whole lot from watching you.  I will definitely attend your next seminar when you come back to Chicago.  P. S. My Mom loved it too.  She’s using your techniques on her new 15 week old Congo African Grey.  Sincerely Yours, Kari Jager.”


"Hey Ken, First of all, thanks for a great workshop!  I really enjoyed it and gained some new insights into not only my birds, but other birds as well.   All the best, Doug"


"Hi Ken,  ...thanks for the educational experience. I was blessed to see the good directions you left the birds and their people in. It was very encouraging to see them closer to one another. We can let bad situations drag on or we can take steps, like the ways you showed us, to handle our feathered babies, to bring us together with them. I only hope more people will learn to stop the long drawn out bad relationships and use some good teaching on handling.  I encourage you to keep up your work and workshops."  Walter Bytnar