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Miracle Cure?



by Ken Globus 

 This one doesn't have that much to with bird training, unless, like me, you get bit a lot.  It's about tea tree oil.  You'll understand in a minute.   Anyone who has attended a  workshop of mine knows that my approach involves absorbing and diffusing a bird's fear and aggression.  Since I can work with as many as 20 birds in a weekend event, and I don't back down from bites, I get pretty nicked up. 

The most painful bites are the ones on top of old wounds that are trying to heal.  That makes it pretty important for me to heal quickly so I can get back to work as soon as possible.  It doesn't look very good when the bird tamer is whimpering and whining from the pain. 

I was visiting a good friend after a weekend where I conducted two workshop with a group of birds that were, well... let's say they were passionate biters.  As I was dressing some wounds on my battle scars she left the room and came back with a small bottle of a natural product called tea tree oil.  I had never heard of it.  She started extolling the curative powers of the strong-smelling extract from the leaf of a native Australian tree as she dabbed some on my wounds, which were inflamed to varying degrees. 

Magical Properties

It seemed as if the infection in the worst of the wounds dried  up right before my eyes.  The redness went away immediately.  I was stunned.  And convinced

Since then I acquired my own supply of tea tree oil.  I even bought a few extra bottles to hand out to friends.  Aside from flesh wounds, I have since used the stuff for a variety of ailments.  When I had a very sore throat, I gargled with a few drops of the oil mixed in warm water.  I used a slightly stronger mixture for an abscessed tooth and it cleared up in three days. 

According to the material Iíve read, tea tree oil is one of the few substances known to humankind that is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal.  It's good for everything from foot fungus, to dandruff, acne and nasal congestion.  Amazing stuff.  It has such powerful healing properties that scientists are doing AIDS research because of the oil's immune system strengthening properties.   I have the feeling that we're just hearing the beginning of the tea tree oil story.  

tea tree oil is now available via the web or at most  drug stores





Tea tree oil,if ingested, can be toxic to birds























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