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As Close As Your Phone


"I never would have believed that just a voice on the phone could get me to tame my bird." 

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If you're experiencing hard times in your  relationship with your bird, or even if you've never managed to get together, if you're not sure what to do, Ken can clear the smoke.  By telephone.  He has helped countless people get close to birds they were ready to give up on. 



If you have any questions or you'd like to discuss it, email your phone number and Ken will contact you

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Cheerful Chirps from Phone Clients


"It was like you were taming my bird with my hands."  


"It's hard to believe how great our session was.  I never would have imagined that just a voice on the phone could get me to tame my bird in such a short time.  After having o, our Congo African Grey, for three years and not being able to even touch her, she went from being nervous, frightened and downright nasty to calm and cuddly in an hour!  It was like you were taming my bird with my hands.  I can't tell you how much I I owe you for fixing my relationship with o.  I still can't believe it.  I wish I'd found you years ago.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. - Gabriella Taibi, New York, NY


"What an hour it was!"

"Having never had nor been around pet birds, I was really at a loss. Trying to understand them and work with them was getting pretty frustrating; I wanted to love them so much. Well today was the day it started to happen!! I spent an hour on the phone with Ken, The Bird Whisperer and what an hour it was! We went from birds that bit and were in control, climbing on me and doing what they want to birds that step up, lie in my hand and enjoy sitting on my finger! They feared my hands before, now they seem to realize there is no reason to fear me. I know we have a way to go, but at least we are on the way."  Lynn Dudish, Johnstown, PA



“Our phone consultation was amazing. Teaching me how to make my birds relax was about miraculous.  There aren't words to describe the good feeling I get from making these little guys understand that I love them.”  - Lynn


"I cannot  believe the change"

To: "The Bird Whisperer" Sent: Thursday, May 17, 2001 11:12 AM    "Thanks, Ken, the neatest thing about Hot Stuff is that no matter where he is or just about what he is doing he will come or stop and step up. He does go on my shoulder, but he also likes to 'hang on' to the back of my neck, grabbing on to whatever fabric he can get. To get him down or off all I  have to do is point my finger and he walks over and steps up. I cannot  believe the change in him."    Lynn

Posted on the Bird Forum  May 10, 2001   "Hi All! Promised to keep you informed. Just for background, Jaylii is the Severe Macaw I was asking for help calming down.  I did end up emailing Ken Globus, The Bird Whisperer, and decided to try a phone consultation. It worked!    "She is now easily doing step-ups (barehanded!), lets me hold and pet her and comes into and out of the cage willingly on my hand! I'm thrilled, to say the least.  She even lets my youngest son (13) hold her with no problems. It is so wonderful to finally be on the way to having a true loving relationship with this wondrous miracle of nature. Ken, if you see this, thank you again!"   Tricia, Kingsland, TX

(and a follow up message from Tricia)

"Hi Ken, I was so amazed at how much we were able to accomplish over the phone and would love to be able to watch you handle the various techniques. There is so much more to learn! Really looking forward to both the book and video becoming available.  It is still hard to believe the change in Jaylii! I realize it isn't really so much a change in him, but in the way that I interact with him now. Thank you so much for showing me how. He wants me to hold him now!"  Tricia


"Ken, thanks to you, we're finally making progress!"  Mary Johnson, Healdsburg, CA


"I am amazed at the difference"

"Hi Ken.  I have  followed your suggestions as to how to handle Ed, the orange wing Amazon with aggression issues.  You would not believe the change in this frightened, blood drawing bird.  A month ago he would run away, fall from his perch, and bite when we would try to pick him up.  It was a tense time as my husband wanted to get rid of him before he did major damage to one of us.  (Now) he greets my husband and me each morning, and sits on my leg as I read the paper at night.  I am amazed at the difference in this bird.  Thanks."  Karen Walker, Joliet, IL


"Ken, thanks so much for that inspiring phone session.  You are an amazing person - patient, kind, intelligent and incredibly skilful at communicating your philosophy. Thanks for guiding me through some very hard times and helping me get close to my (Bare-eyed Cockatoo) Murray.  You really helped me change our relationship and that has had a huge effect on my entire family.  Thank you, so much!"  Dana Tabachnik, Albany, NY


"So, Mr. Ken, you have change greatly my life with my Parrot.  I can now hold him and love him and he love me also.  I am so happy. I thank you too too much."  Mirko Vidmar of Slovenia


"...the leaders in the field all said the same thing..."


"On Mother’s Day 2006, my fiancé, Mark, & I had a phone consultation with Ken Globus. A ten-inch terrorist, re-named Bogey, had taken over our home.


"But from the beginning:


"Bogey came from a rescue. A 7-year old male Senegal, he was verbally entertaining. He creaked like an old door, rang like a phone, and could do a solo answering machine routine (including beeps, clicks & voices) that was hilarious. And he learned knew things quickly. At first kept in a spare bedroom for quarantine purposes, he remained there as I tried to figure out why he was biting with such determination! The key issues were sexual behavior and biting when he didn’t want to do what I wanted him to do. (Go figure!) The problem was trying to anticipate when he would strike as he gave almost no warning.  Making his living with his hands, Mark (my fiancé) viewed my many bites and wanted no part of this!  

"I read everything I could find and tried several different approaches, but the leaders in the field all said the same thing: Figure out what happened just before a bite and then don’t do it. I saw the world that I had tried to open up for Bogey being closed back down. Eventually, I hit a wall. Having dealt with dogs and horses for decades, I knew it was time to seek professional help or give him up. (I hate quitting.) But who should I call? They were all saying the same things that had helped bring me to the impasse at which I’d arrived.

 "On online search lead me to Ken Globus, The Bird Whisperer.  (During our phone session) the key elements we introduced to Bogey were: Position #1; Fist of Iron; vet wrapped fingers (purple courage); laddering; and Pressure On/Pressure Off.


"Since then BOGIE IS A DIFFERENT BIRD.  He’s now downstairs in the dining room and participating in family life. I haven’t had a bite since that ONE phone call. Oh, he’s tried to nip a FEW times, but there’s no conviction behind them now. My fiancé is now handling him. The bird that we walked on eggshells around so I wouldn’t get bitten now looks to us for reassurance that everything is OK. The bird that used to FREAK at the mere sight of a towel now plays towel games. The bird that was afraid of toys now has his human playing fetch. Ask him, “Want some?” and the bird makes a bee line to see what treat is being offered. Head scratches are part of the daily routine.

" I’ve re-read all of the books and articles I had read before working with Ken. I now realize that Bogey & I are breaking all the rules and living happier! I’ve applied this to my other birds, too. As happy as they already were, even they appreciate the new approach.

"So the Ken Globus detractors can continue attacking what they don’t understand.  In our house, we know different. Thank you, Ken!"  Nancy Schilsky & Mark Johns Beloit, WI






























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