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Pet Bird Show

Pottstown, PA




This was a workshop where we had so much to do, we ran two hours over the scheduled four hours


Jeff, President of the  Chester County Bird Club & Razzle


Kelli & Bandit


Wendy & Trina



 comments from people who were there


"I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you.  I was amazed at the success that you have.  Even I had success using your techniques on strange birds.  What a wonderful experience!   Keep up the good work………you have a dedicated disciple here in Pennsylvania!"  Lin Jellenik


"I don't know how we can thank you....It is a miracle......  After we got home, I repeated the exercises with Razzle of in and out of the cage.  The first two times, I had to take hold of his feet and bring him out while saying "up."  On the third time, I said up and he stepped right up on my hand. 

"I repeated this exercise this morning with no problems.  When I got home from work this afternoon, I repeated the exercises again with the travel cage with the same great results.  As soon as I open the door now, he puts his foot up and steps right up.  This was going so good, I decided to put him in his regular cage and try it. 

"I put him in his regular cage and waited a couple of minutes.  I needed the two minutes to re-focus and calm my nerves because this was the moment of truth.  As you taught me, I opened the door and slowly but confidently placed my hand in his cage and he stepped right up with no problem.  I continued this exercise a few times increasing the time span between each attempt.  I would close the door, wait a little longer and tried again.  No problems, he came right out......."  Jeff Levine, President, Chester County Bird Club, Boothwyn, PA


 "Hi Ken!  I was a participant in yesterday's workshop in Pottstown, PA, with my orange wing Amazon, Burt.  I'd like to thank you for a totally rewarding and educational experience.  It was much more than I expected, and as a typical woman, I expect a lot!  Burt is doing well in follow-up so far, he continues to accept my touch, and seems much more relaxed during that time.  I look forward to continuing work with him, as well as trying these techniques on a 20 year old Nanday and a cherry headed conure I adopted recently. Thanks again!"  Christine L. Webb, Upper Merion West


"I wanted you to know that just the first five minutes of the presentation you offered has done great things for my patience with my misbehaving bird.  The inevitable beak assault when I take Monkey (my cockatiel) out of his cage had worn my patience with the bird.  I was starting to think, "Regular or extra crispy?"  But I worked with him following your lead this evening and at the end of the session he was getting up on my finger without a fuss on command.  I'll keep you posted on his progress but again, thank you very much for coming out here."  Brian Igoe