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Wasatch Avian Education Society

Salt Lake City, UT




Special thanks to club President, Chase Kimball,  and members of the Wasatch Avian Education Society




This photo appeared in Salt Lake City's, Deseret News.  This is Harley, a mitred conure.   Notice that he has plucked himself bald in several spots to such an extent that the feathers won't grow back.    Ken was able to get Harley through his "bubble of fear" in a matter of minutes.  Notice how Ken gently tugs at Harley's feathers with his lips, replicating the preening behavior of birds - a good way to build trust.  


Photo by Laura Seitz, Deseret News, Salt Lake City, Utah


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Comments From People

Who Were There


President , Wasatch Avian Education Society


 "Ken, I got quite a bit of commentary (from club members) -  all of it positive.  Several people said it was the best meeting we have ever had and have already asked me when you are going to be back.  Since I work with rescue birds on a very regular basis, I want to learn your techniques." - Chase Kimball, President, Wasatch Avian Education Society, Salt Lake City, UT



Hi Ken, "I just wanted to Thank You! You taught us a lot in your seminar Saturday in Salt Lake City, we came home and started using your method of handling a bird right away.  With great surprise, within 3 days we were no longer even using the gloves to get him out of his cage, only one week later, when we walk in the room, he is now asking us to "Come Here" then lifts his foot to get on your hand, not only is he not afraid of us, he wants to sit with us every time we're in the room. Thanks Again Ken, " Dave Degeus


"Your ability is simply astounding!"


"Hi Ken, My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation, but more importantly, we learned a great deal about handling birds. Your ability is simply astounding!  Through the methods that you demonstrated, i.e., persistent, patient assertion in a logical progressive method, the wildest bird can be tamed.

 We would be delighted to take part in a future seminar, should you come back to Salt Lake City. You have given us hope.  I think that you are the answer to the problems many bird owners experience and you're to be commended for your willingness to "stand alone". In my view, results matter. You get results. That was abundantly evident to everyone who attended.  - Sincerely, Allen and Margaret Lawless, Salt Lake City, UT


"Ken  Lucy is doing well and hasn't BIT, just mouthed and likes to feign attack.  When I don't back away she stops and looks a little confused because it doesn't work anymore. I look forward to seeing you next year and hopefully have a more challenging bird for you.
  I know Monty Roberts and have always admired the way he is with horses.  I have to say you have the same patience and love for birds that he has for horses and also have impressed me. That's not easy. I like animals better than most people." Rich Baker, Utah 


 "We are all happier for your teaching. "


"Dear Mr. Globus, Your presentation was wonderful.  I have an older female budgie.  In the five years since she has lived with me, she has been a caged bird because every time I tried to get her out, she bit hard and often, gnawing away trying to hurt.  If I put her with any other bird, she ran them ragged, pushing them away from food.  So, she lived alone in a cage.  After your presentation, I went to her cage and got her out, her with her beak firmly embedded in my finger.  I did what you did with the Amazon, and now she perches so pretty, stays on my finger, and so, has been out several times since.  Thanks to you, I have acquired a new pet instead of a responsibility, and I hope I make the rest of her life happier.  We are all happier for your teaching. Thank you over and over.  Love and kisses." - Priscilla Astling, Salt Lake City, UT

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