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Gateway Parrot Society


St. Louis, MO



Special thanks to Sharon Nochta, Phyllis Cotton and the Gateway Parrot Society for arranging my visit  to St. Louis. 



Sharon Nochta, President, Gateway Parrot Club, St. Louis, MO


“Ken, I have to admit I was very skeptical about your techniques until I saw you in action this past weekend. The people that brought their birds in to you for help left here very happy with the results you achieved for them. Not only did you help the birds, but you also helped the caregivers understand their birds’ needs. I would personally like to thank you for coming out.  We are all looking forward to having you back again next year. You’re giving a lot of lonely & frightened birds out there the chance they need to be loved.  THANK YOU!”  Sharon Nochta 



Phyllis Cotton, Vice President  & Fair Coordinator Gateway Parrot Club, St Louis


 “Dear Ken, I just wanted to say "Thank You" so much for coming to St Louis.  Before I contacted you in regards to speaking and conducting a  workshop at our annual fair, I researched and found that  you were very well endorsed.  I was impressed by that but still just a bit skeptical.  After all, "I'm from Missouri - you have to show me"!  And you did just that! Seeing is truly believing. What transpired was simply amazing.  So many people have tried all of the traditional methods of training to no avail. Your workshop gives them NEW hope and quite possibly saves a parrot from homelessness. I have even tried a "modified version" on my semi feral kittens with immediate success.  I think I told you I rescue cats. In fact, we are "Purrfectly Precious Adoptions" on We are looking forward to your return next year. Keep up the good work!”  - Phyllis Cotton 

 Photos from the workshop and demonstration

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