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Heading Forward


by Ken Globus



In this photo Ken is "heading" a blue and gold macaw, which is trying to bite him


The technique I call “heading” in some cases serves as my first physical contact with a larger bird that is showing signs of aggression.  Once the bird is on a perch, I slowly approach it from a distance, my hands clasped behind me.  I drop my head as I move closer to the bird and arrive on the edge of its biting distance.  Notice in the photo above, the picture was taken just as the bird struck at my head, trying to bite me. 

Luckily, he wasn't able to sink his beak into anything because the skin on my head (your head may be different) is too tight for the bird to get a grip.  The bite turns out to be a tap, which is not painful (at least, not to me).   This technique is not to be used when the bird is inside the cage. 

It's best to approach the bird with your head  at a distance and let the bird demonstrate how far its striking range is.  Then slowly move into its range so the bird is only able to barely touch your head when he is reaching out to bite you.

 Using your head is an unthreatening way to make contact with your bird and diffuse its fear


















































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