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Warning Signs


By Ken Globus


Whether you have a bird that's as gentle as a lamb or one that's virtually unmanageable, unless you are in control it is very likely that your bird will not be as calm, happy or secure as it might be.

The more obvious bird-behavior issues are easy to recognize: the bird cowers in the corner of its cage, is openly frightened, hostile or territorial and bites if you even look at it the wrong way. 

But for most of you who feel that your bird is already tamed, check out the following questions. If you answer," yes" to one or more of them, your bird just might be moving in the wrong direction and could be on the way toward developing negative behaviors 


  • How does your bird come out of its cage? Do you open the door and let it scramble out?


  • When you reach into the cage, does your bird growl, snap, duck or dodge your hand?


  • When you get your bird on your hand, does it move to the thick part of your hand, your wrist, your forearm or climb up to your shoulder?   


  • When you want it back in its cage, do you set it on the cage and let it make its own way inside, in its own time?


  • Has it bonded with one person in the family and shies away or shows aggression toward others?


  • Does it like people of one gender more than the other?


  • Is your bird frightened or timid in unfamiliar surroundings?


  • Is it aggressive toward visitors? 


  • Or is it afraid or aggressive toward anyone outside the family? 


  • Does your bird move away from you when it's on top of its cage?


  • When returning your bird to its cage does it jump off your hand/arm to get there? 


  • Do you pick it up off the cage by placing your shoulder near it and letting it climb on? 


  • Do you return it to the cage from your shoulder?


  • Is your bird insecure, even at home?


As you can see, many of the things that seem innocent enough, even normal, can actually lead to behavior problems.






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