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Kansas City, MO

July 12 & 13, 2008


Beak 'n Wings

Bird Club



This event has been postponed until further notice 





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Breakthrough Taming Techniques


Internationally known as The Bird Whisperer, Ken Globus has been taming "difficult" birds for more than twenty five years.  From handling literally thousands of birds, many of them terrified, extremely aggressive and considered "un-handleable," Ken developed the kinds of hands-on bird taming techniques that have enabled him to do what few others can do: calm down even the wildest birds. 



If a bird bites, flees, threatens or quakes with fear.  If it's insecure in new surroundings or with new people.  If it prefers one gender over the other.  If it's timid and unhappy. If it's cage territorial, dominant or just plain aggressive.   If other approaches have failed to get you results, Ken can help.  

Progressive Desensitization


 With his unique, low-energy, techniques using progressive desensitization, Ken  has helped countless frustrated bird owners get close to birds they were ready to give up on - even those considered phobic.  He has proven it again and again - at the National Zoo of the Dominican Republic, in private sessions,  consultations,  programs and sold-out workshops at bird clubs, expos and rescues from Florida to Alaska, New Hampshire to New Mexico. People watch in amazement as he helps frightened, aggressive birds become happy, loving pets.





Don't take our word for it.

Check out these comments:




Ken is based in Los Angeles, CA




from an article


Connie Folleth

bird guide at


"...after witnessing Ken in action, this "Bird Guide" has become a lifelong believer in his ability to tame the wildest of parrots.  Many birds brought to Ken's workshops have been one step from being sent to parrot rescue or about to be euthanized... He was their last hope - those birds are now alive and happy with their owners. You have to see Ken to believe the miracles he can produce."






Ken helped Steven Spielberg & Kate Capshaw with Blanche, their Panama Amazon








"For the first time ever I was able to touch my bird! I had tears in my eyes."








"I tried the techniques at home that very night and got Mikey to allow me to pet him for the first time in years-all within ten minutes."





"I was totally skeptical until I saw how his taming techniques worked with my own eyes."






"...we were all holding and petting birds that their owners said would never let anyone get near them."








"He worked with over twenty birds that weekend and improved the behavior of every single one!"









"There would be much less need for parrot sanctuaries if people learned your techniques."










" to anyone who's actually seen the miracles he performs."































































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